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Private Investigator Sector Czar Required

The Select Committees, Standards Agencies, Think Tanks and Policy Makers have had a remarkably compliant Private Investigator sector to deal with….after decades of fudges and false dawns the professional side of investigations in the private sector have offered nothing, but, complete cooperation with the regulatory process.

So where are the bottlenecks?

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) has been undertaking a phased transition to a new regulatory authority since October 2010. This transition is incomplete and the Command Paper published in response to the Home Affairs Select Committee’s Fourth Report of Session 2012-13, entitled: ‘Private Investigators’, states:

” We agree that we will not introduce the regulation of private investigations until after the transition to the new Security Industry Authority regime. It is the Government’s intention that regulation of the private investigations sector would be rolled-out from the autumn of 2014″

The SIA have made it clear that from 6 April 2015 it will be a criminal offence for regulated businesses to provide licensable individuals to supply security industry services without a business licence (Under sections 17(2) and (3) of the Private Security Industry Act 2001).

But, the SIA then go on to say that to get your business licence by 6 April 2015, you should lodge your application by 1st October 2014, as they cannot guarantee that they can complete the backlog of applications in time for this deadline…

The SIA have reiterated in their road shows that you must have your individual private investigator licence before you can get your Business Licence so: Individual licencing to begin in autumn 2014, business licencing to start in October 2014. Private Investigators without the Individual licence(s) cannot apply for the business licence…

The licencing timetable must become more flexible to accommodate the on-going process and phased transition – hopefully the appropriate “Controlling mind” or Czar can be found to get us over the finishing line.

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