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Case Analytics are the Private Eyes – insurance Guys

Appropriate due diligence around the data we process and handle is a paramount requirement in an ever litigious environment for Investigators in the UK’s private sector.

In an era where data privacy is paramount, understanding the nuances of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the DPA (Data Protection Act) is essential.

We dedicate a third of our university grade learning platform (Completing Investigations – Theory and Best Practice around GDPR / DPA) to ensure Professional private investigators in the UK use best practice and proceed with the tools of their trade in a compliant and steadfast manner.

Proper documentation isn’t just a task; it’s an art. We train learners to maintain meticulous records, ensuring that evidence is presented seamlessly – it’s the chain of custody – the audit trail – that matters and ensures your reputation is enhanced rather than blemished.

Of course your client base, consisting of the legal profession, business and industry and the general public require that you are proactive and conscientious when handing and processing their data.

We recommend Case Analytics case management software as a primary work horse for Record Keeping and Evidence Logging – the “Backbone” of Investigations.

Case Analytics are controlled by the best legal teams and DPA experts around the professional investigator scene.

The team behind Case Analytics have developed another core service that is relevant to new and existing professional private investigators – they have been able to create several, unbeatable, private investigator insurance packages.

So, not only do they provide a solid foundation to progress your investigations day to day – you can operate with comprehensive insurance cover  – another, must have, when you are operational.

Dive deeper into what Case Analytics offers:

£1 million of Professional Indemnity Cover, with an upgrade option to £2 million.

Essential £2 million Public Liability Insurance, tailored for private investigators.

Employers Liability Insurance of £10 million, perfect for agencies.

Cyber Insurance of £100,000, safeguarding against the ever-growing digital threats.

Case Analytics are the Private Eyes – insurance Guys.

With features like integrated case management software, immediate cover, and an affordable price tag of just £35 per month, it’s clear why Case Analytics is the preferred choice for many.

Kevin J Regan, B.A (Hons.)

Lead Examiner Pearson Edexcel, Centre Co-ordinator for SFJ, Main Tutor for Private Investigator Training UK

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