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Fortbrave Success Story

You will not be surprised to learn that from the hundreds of students that pass through Private Investigator Training UK (PITUK) there are many success stories.

Our graduates go onto run many of the top Private Investigator Companies in the UK and indeed the world.

For everyone that makes it – there are those that might not become operational, but, all have participated in a positive learning environment that was worthwhile and rewarding in many other ways.

So Marc who heads up Fortbrave Investigations demonstrated competency and professionalism by attaining the SFJ Awards Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators in 2021.

What was different about Marc – what made him stand out?

Steely determination and a professional manner was our initial impression.

But, Marc went beyond the basics of a successful investigator – he had organisational and management skills.

I recall Marc set up a WhatsApp group for those that were looking to graduate in 2021 and we all proceeded through to the exam stage together – an excellent initiative.

Although we are both members of the World Association of Professional Investigators WAPI and use that group and the Palatine group to network – Marc has also set up a Facebook Group called FB Work Group. He set that up in August 2023 and it has now grown to 56 members. Again, its all about, “Inter agency” work opportunities.

It was no surprise to see that Fortbrave are in the media limelight with an unusual success – investigating the theft of very expensive racing bikes. The bikes were traced to Poland and the investigation took on a “Cross border dimension”. Pleased to report that the bikes have now been repatriated back to the owner in Staffordshire.

I would imagine the networks that Marc has set up and the others I have mentioned have been the reason why Fortbrave Investigations are an agency that can get the job done.

Kevin J Regan, B.A (Hons.),

Lead Examiner Pearson Edexcel, Centre Co-ordinator for SFJ, Main Tutor for Private Investigator Training UK

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