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There are many types of investigations and private investigators

We offer existing private investigators a regulated (OFQUAL) qualification to demonstrate professionalism and competency – linked to possible mandatory licencing of our profession by the SIA or Home Office.

The Private Investigator Licence does not exist at the moment – the Government have not given it the “Green Light”, but the qualification we offer is suitable as an entry level qualification to the profession and meets the (Knowledge base) criteria of the UK PI licence should they become mandatory.

For aspiring investigators it introduces the basics – all the essential skills and techniques – debtor tracing, background checks, interviewing, statement taking, surveillance…

The Skills for Justice / SFJ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators is distance learning with a requirement to complete a surveillance portfolio followed by a classroom based invigilated exam – cost is £384.00.

This is the qualification that existing professional private investigators favour (Previously known as: Industry Qualification (IQ) Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators).

The qualification is a requirement of entry to some of the main trade bodies (WAPI, IPI, etc) and that might be the path you go along to progress your career. To be honest, it is not likely that an existing firm would offer apprenticeships / work experience. You need to think about setting up as a freelancer / operating your own PI business…

SFJ Awards Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators – Private Investigator Training UK ( Learning Platform: Private Investigator School UK


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