Private Intelligence Agency

International private intelligence investigators operate to break fraud and theft operations and other civil crime menaces by conducting surveillance, interviewing, tracing debtors and serving legal documents.

Every investigator knows that the quality and reliability of gathered intelligence is essential to a successful outcome.

But the best information and intelligence is under the lock and key of the UK’s Privacy Laws, so how can you remain legally compliant and ethical?

Simple, you use information gathering tools that are compliant and accessible to everyone with a connection to the internet.

So, if we need to take a look at the perimeter and environment of a clients facility in say….Australia, we simply use: satellite imagery, street maps, and then street views, available on Google and take a look around. We recently took a, “Stroll”, around a business location in Adelaide and made several recommendations to a client about where a local surveillance team could plot up and how they could conduct a sting purchase operation. Before we flew into Milan, we had already seen every bell and name plate on the doors of interest, when we arrived we had flash backs that we were still in the street view virtual world of our monitor, interrogated 24 hours earlier.

Real detective work is done on-line using databases and non-intrusive social media intelligence (SOCMINT), identifying, researching and cross referencing the mountains of profiles, identities, relationships and the “Flotsam and jetsam”, floating around in cyberspace.

Corroboration of Open-source intelligence (OSINT) with SOCMINT and commercial databases is the key to most investigations conducted to locate poeople or locate property.

Investigators in the private sector who come up against closed profiles, access information using a, “Sterile profile”, to comply with UK evidence gathering protocols.


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