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Compromised Surveillance

We operate with an autonomic nervous system that functions largely below the level of consciousness. In conjunction with your equally, unconscious visceral functions, your, “Sentience”, determines how you see, what you see and how you are seen….

An understanding of the reaction you give (Or don’t give) will determine your success (Or failure…), especially in surveillance and other encounters with your information resources, suspects, subjects and witnesses.

Your stress levels are at maximum intensity, every decision you make will stretch you to the limit. You direct a team member here, one there, you have passed the pickup point, the subject is moving and you hear that somebody has the, “Eye ball”. Then you hear, panic stricken voices, your drills and that of your team kick in, everyone is looking to re establish contact, at some point eye contact is re-established, but, something is, “Wrong”.


You reflect on your misfortune as your operatives report in. Experience tells you that the subject of the enquiry, at least suspects that, somebody might be following them, but, who or what gave the game away?

We all do the eye stuff, do it well and survive to fight another day….best to look away and count to three. You found her curious, angry, piercing glare and looked straight into the eyes, and, inevitably, gave the game away.

It is a rite of passage, burn once and then learn!

Only a real life surveillance compromise can give you the experience and wherewithal to modify your natural curiosity and gaze, it’s not easy.

Look through, around, don’t look straight at any subject.

Your mistakes can be rectified and the surveillance can continue if you change the operative quickly and hope that the subject dismisses their primitive unconscious warning signals…

The consequences of compromised surveillance can be physical attack, loss of client confidence, reputational damage and a loss of repeat business.

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  • Hi Kevin,

    i’ve read some of your posts and, as a private investigator since ’91, but also as a writer of few articles, i have to say that i really enjoyed reading this. Keep up the good work and i hope you will have the time to read some of the posts on my blog too.


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