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CL-2016-00195 FBME Bank Limited and others v Dangate Consulting Ltd and others

A number of interlocking individuals and companies breached their confidentiality agreement when engaged by FBME Bank by disseminating “suitcases” full of data.

Dangate Consulting Limited (Director: Nigel Brown) carried out work through Barrington (London) Limited (Directors: Anthony Imossi and Nigel Brown)… Barrington (London) Limited produced the investigation plan that was agreed with the Bank’s representatives in 2014 – “Project Waxwing“.

The anonymous letter which alerted ABI members to matters led to an enquiry (Headed up by Dick Smith and his GC colleagues) who concluded (whist the trial was ongoing) – that there was “Nothing in it”.

I pleaded with Dave Crawford (Chair of the ABI Awards Committee) at the Brighton AGM after the nomination for the Investigator of the year was announced. I could see the reputational damage that could ensue if the ABI made that award.

To no avail, Nigel Brown was given the ABI’s Investigator of the Year for his “whistleblowing activity” regarding the Bank – presumably the same set of people that had adjudicated on Nigel’s award had adjudicated on Dick Smith’s enquiry –they must have been certain of their ground as the trial had at that time not concluded. I am sure the barrister who nominated Nigel Brown would have made much capital of the award in the hustings at court, albeit his pleadings were in vain.

Particulars of claim:

Judgement: FBME-Order-150120-Sealed.pdf (

Post Judgement: Saab-v-Dangate-post-consequentials-Judgment-final-201219-Hand-down-150120-Sealed.pdf

Certainly a lot of people in Cyprus and throughout the world still have not got their money back following FBME Bank’s collapse.

Foot Note:

We also get real examples of the operation of private investigators in the “Grey Zone” as the connections of the defendants to external parties emerged – non state operatives acting for national interests. The defendants barrister is the chair of Oculus Financial Intelligence Limited who have a “Strategic partnership” with 5 Stone Intelligence.

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