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Burton Regan Success Story

 The 2,000 full and part time private investigators active in the UK are a diverse and eclectic church, offering wide and varied services.

Sucess StoryYour local investigator could be an ex legionnaire, a craggy ex police officer, a graduate with a string of academic qualifications or maybe even an ex client who might have exclaimed: “I could have done a better job!”

A constant theme is the need to, “Weed out”, those investigators who give the investigation industry a bad name, the detective on your high street has been pressing for regulation of the industry since 22b baker street first burnt down!

Every UK detective knows that when a client engages, they must perform…your professional investigator in the private sector relies on their good reputation and, “Can do”, attitude rather than a licence.

The evidence of a, “Paid investigator”, is welcomed and relied upon. Barristers and Solicitors know that the difference between success and failure is a very thin line. If the contribution of an investigator can tip the balance in a case, then they must retain professional, dedicated, investigators.

We offer surveillance – some operations would not be out of synch in a Bond movie, we can arrange insurance work statement taking and investigations. Process serving is a massive part of our workload. We are also, trace and status enquiry specialists. Our day to day workload is much like the caseload of a solicitor or a barrister – varied, easy and difficult, sometimes bizarre!

The Burton Regan Detective Bureau offers a complete professional service and estimates that, perhaps: 70% of our workload is directly from solicitors. 20% is from commerce and industry, whilst 5% is interagency work. No more than 5% of our output is for the public.

The numbers might be surprising, but, my advice is always make sure your run your agency like a hard headed business and choose the regular work from the legal sector above the matrimonial surveillance jobs. Let’s say you wrap up a surveillance for a private client – no problem, you have ensured your payment by insisting on an up-front retainer (Following your client screening obligations), but, if the same job came via a solicitor you not only get paid, but, will attract further instructions as your reputation spreads.

Solid principles ensure that we remain dedicated to resilience and excellence.

Burton Regan Limited (Professional Investigators),
Vicarage Chambers, 9 Park Square, Leeds, LS1 2LH

South & London

Burton Regan Limited,
Blackwell House, Guildhall Yard, London, EC2V 5AE

Tele: 0800 279 7752
Fax: 0113 277 8496
Mobile: 0772 175 1860
Dx: Leeds Park Square DX: 14082

Kevin J Regan  B.A. (Hons.)

Member: Association of British Investigators

Trainer: Association of British Investigators Academy

Forensic and Policing Services Association

United Kingdom Process Servers Association

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