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Sword of Truth and Justice

Because of our close working relationships, we see trends emerge and receive assignments that put us at the forefront of industry knowledge and best practice. As Association of British Investigators Academy Trainers in Process Serving we are especially happy if we are amongst the first process servers to support an industry in rooting out and punishing those individuals that make false and exaggerated insurance claims for gastroenteritis and other spurious illnesses.

We are filling the void that has been left by stringent cuts to Law Enforcement personnel in bringing citizens to justice in the Criminal Courts.

The Summonses with supporting documents were to be personally served on two individuals. Due to the urgency and due to the size and volume of the documents to be served, we requested assistance from a colleagues in the Association of British Investigators.

The male was found to have left his address.

We left the documents in the capable hands of our A.B.I associate and reported our progress offering to trace the males address, the clock was ticking as the hearing was imminent.

We received the go ahead and we soon identified the new address – our profile in the tracing industry opened an important door.

Shortly afterwards, our colleagues personally served both defendants and we prepared the proofs of service.

Perhaps 99.9% of the documents we serve are for Civil Proceedings. On this occasion the proof of service complied with Criminal Procedure Rules (Rule 4.12). The hearing was at the Magistrates Court – A Private Prosecution by the travel company. The alleged offence: Fraud, contrary to Section 1 of the Fraud Act 2006 (Fraud by misrepresentation).

We supplied a Section 9 Statement (Criminal Justice Act 1967, s9; Magistrates Courts Rules 1981 Rule 70) with the following rider: Proof of service means that orders can be enforced.

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