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Marketing Plan Burton Regan 2008

  1. SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) of our business AND COMPETITORS (Research)
  2. Corporate Mission/Vision…..sort out a branding mission statement….OUR BUSINESS IS….
  3. Competitors – compare ourselves to rest of market….who are our competitors, why are we different/better (*we are specialised specifically for debtor tracing, good experience with evasive/tricky cases), what services do they offer (collections etc), how do they do compared to us?? Tracing challenge
  4. Our services offered (debtor tracing, collections??, process serving, investigations, surveillance, tracing), why are we the best at these? Differentiate!!!
  5. Customers – who are our customers, demographics???? What are their special requirements (legal market time restraints…..debtor tracing strictly adhere to DPA??) What market are we targeting?? Solicitors?? (could build a good reputation within legal market before expanding into other areas??) Landlords, find other areas for debtor tracing (Brainstorm)
  6. Any external factors we could use to our advantage?? (current situation in financial market….more likely to see an increase in debtors over next couple of years due to house price crisis?? Find some current market info to back this up…target areas where these types of debtors exist… lenders etc), Data Protection Act….could use this as a focus…. becoming increasingly concerned with sticking to DPA
  7. Work out some feasible objectives,……i.e. An increase in revenue by *%, increase in job numbers by *%, increase in productivity (cant really be measured with our organisation)
  8. Establish our marketing strategy (Price, promotion, place, product)….How are we going to position ourselves within the market?? Price – mid-range; Promotion – work out as needed, mailshots, promotional drive, advertising; Place – Nationally, increase internet revenue, work out customer service levels…added value; Product – Bulk Traces (No win no fee, £50 minimum fee all in *must stress why this is valuable in all marketing, our USP), Process service, Detective services?? Perhaps branch out under a separate brand to keep Burton Regan purely detective work and a new brand for debtor tracing…….could launch as a separate outfit??
  9. Organise marketing media and available budget– I.e. PDF (completely free), mailshot, presentation slide show etc. Incorporating all above points into one brand package!! CORPORATE IDENTITY
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strengths
  • Good existing reputation within certain sectors (Solicitors)
  • High success rates on trace enquiries – must find some figures for this!!!
  • Winner of recent tracing challenge from lucrative client (How many other companies were involved, what was our success rate and lead time??)
  • Competitive pricing strategy (could possibly adopt a different, more structured pricing strategy, set prices for cases so easily quoted on telephone and website)
  • Extensive experience in  Private Investigations, gives us an edge/USP against generic collections/trace agencies – this is a major point that differentiates us from competitors
  • When traced individuals we can also offer process service for legal clients, could perhaps start doing this as a package for legal clients??

Sixteen years ago – always worth looking back to identify future strategy, policies and procedures.

We went onto to bring on board some blue chip clients that we retain to this day.

Our core operation has changed somewhat and the “No find – No fee” bulk trace merry go round was ditched some years back.

Always be ready to review, innovate and change.

Private Investigator Training UK was a fledgling operation, back then.

Kevin J Regan,

Burton Regan Limited

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Also at: Bradford Chamber Business Park, New Lane, Bradford, BD4 8BX

 Also at: Blackwell House, Guildhall Yard, London, EC2V 5AE

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