Now Enrolling, Private Investigators : 5 day Classroom training
Whilst home study is a convenient way of skilling up to Security Industry Authority Private Investigator standards a combination of distance learning and [...]
Burton Regan Success Story
 The 2,000 full and part time private investigators active in the UK are a diverse and eclectic church, offering wide and varied services. Your local [...]
Directory of Professional Investigators
Professional Private Investigators is a free to use directory of investigators and process servers that is expanding at an exponential rate.   The [...]
Take the R-ISC
R–ISC enjoys a reputation as a quality provider of investigative solutions to insurers, Government departments, the corporate sector and the legal [...]
Burton Regan Professional Investigators
Professional Investigators and enquiry agents with full expertise and decades of experience, professional excellence and a first class reputation with the [...]
Compromised Surveillance
We operate with an autonomic nervous system that functions largely below the level of consciousness. In conjunction with your equally, unconscious visceral [...]