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Moving into training was a big departure and something of a gamble for Burton Regan, but, I would not propose to preach to you if it had not happened – our knowledge base expanded exponentially and because of our training programmes I can, hopefully, speak with a degree of confidence about our subject matter.

The EDI Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators came along – it is part of the proposed Security Industry Authority Licensing process:

The Award and it’s training components are all about: Probity, Ethics, Standards, Procedures and most of all a working knowledge of how the professional investigator and the law interact. The qualification is primarily designed for existing private investigators, but, there is a regular stream of interest from people who want to set up as private investigators.

The EDI qualification was assimilated into Pearson (The largest educational organisation in the world) and the Pearson BTEC Award for Professional Investigators has replaced and superseded it.

The EDI Level 3 Award was assessed on the basis of multiple choice questions with the pass rate set at: 70% – exactly as it is with the BTEC. Nowadays the assessment is completed on line whereas the EDI Level 3 was paper based. Both assessments are completed in a class room with controlled by an invigilator and exam administrator. The qualification is usually offered as distance learning and your tutor will supply your recommended minimum study or learning hours.

The rationale behind the Award for Professional Investigators is that of the Security Industry Authority who require (Licenced) practitioners to have enough basic skill and knowledge to complete assignments: “It does cover the knowledge necessary to prevent harm to the public” (Noted in the SIA’s Impact Assessment on Private Investigators).






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