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The UK’s professional private investigator sector (Overview)

The team at Burton Regan Limited discuss the resilience and fortitude of the professional private investigator sector following the upheavals of covid, legislation changes and business challenges.

Fortunately a varied caseload and a fantastic customer base has propelled the operational and training arms to new dimensions and Regan is happy to share his knowledge and expertise.

Professional Private Investigator Training from Sector Leading Experts is the order of the day and we are one of only a handful of trainers offering the SFJ Awards Level 3 Award For Professional Investigators, a benchmark qualification to demonstrate competency, standards, probity and ethics to your clients and colleagues.

PITUK (Private Investigator Training UK) remains the first trainers to offer Pearson, IQ and now SFJ licence linked private investigator qualifications following the Private Security Industry Act 2001. PSI2001 regulates the private sector security industry. The SIA have yet to licence the private investigator sector, but, in the meanwhile the smart investigator has already completed the aforementioned qualification, should licensing happen and as a form of “Self Licencing”.

Beware of other Level 3 qualifications with similar names…they are not designated for potential UK SIA licences – many of them cover USA or European laws and statues (Not relevant to the UK).

Regan goes on to describe the UK Private Investigator Sector as small and parochial, cottage industries, 1 and 2 people operations.

Regan advises newbies to manage their expectations when joining trade bodies and associations…

At the end Regan produces his ID from 33 years ago – the card was the property of Associated Detectives!

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