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The second tier of licencing is here

The Heritage Motor Museum Conference Centre in Warwickshire was the Venue for a gathering of the Association of British Investigators, in: September 2013.

The conference’s keynote speaker was Bill Butler the Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority who spoke about Licencing and regulation of Private Investigators. Once the legislation is, “Rubber Stamped”, operating as a Private Investigator without an SIA licence will be a criminal offence.

Bill Butler explained that around: 378,518 Individual Security Industry Authority licences are currently active. Around: 221,163 of these licences are held by Door Supervisors.

Whilst Private Investigators will be licenced, subject to ministerial approval, in autumn 2014, he explained that a second tier of licencing is coming for all sectors in the S.I.A family called Business Licences.

The Business Licence is likely to become mandatory in spring 2015, but, administrative considerations means that early application from spring 2014 are being encouraged.

The business licence has a, “Fit and proper person”, component, adherence to British Standards, increased responsibility and a (Voluntary) “Hallmark” scheme.

Following an excellent presentation from: Raymond Clarke of: IQ (Industry Qualifications), the afternoons business was taken up by: Nicola Ashby of: ASH (UK) Process Servers Limited who gave a fascinating insight into Process Serving and Alan Blaney of: Focus Training,  gave a useful presentation into Statement taking.

Around 150 delegates attended and it was a day, well spent.

There were no new revelations about licencing, but, just catching up with the pace of change and progress to date was good enough.

I have networked with a lot of people I met at the Gaydon event and one or two very useful contacts have emerged.

On a personal note!

I used to enjoy Bill Butler’s Blog which seems to have disappeared from the SIA’s website, informative and relevant, I hope it returns soon!

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