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Private Investigator training 21.1.13

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Are you aware that our distance learning course is geared towards the Award for Professional Investigators? This award has actually been designed for existing investigators to “Prove”, that they understand the Law and are “Competent” to practice. It was, “Commissioned”, under the Security Industry Act to fulfill the S.I.A’s obligations under the Private Security Industry Act of 2001. It is now registered under the Q.C.F framework and is, unlike the “Certificates” and “Diplomas” that are heavily advertised and promoted; an award that is accredited by a national awarding body.

The SIA commissioned Award has altered to encompass legislative changes and some procedural points over the years and has been there, on the shelf to a certain degree….ready for the day when the minister enables the legislation to Licence the Private Investigator Industry in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The understanding is that Scotland will seek to licence there own operatives in a similar way as in the rest of the UK.

So the award, I have mentioned will, we believe, be the test of competency that Private Investigators will need to attain their licence.

To further reinforce the probability of compulsory licences in the next few months we have been instructed to start to take three forms of identification and obtain scrutinised passport photos for all learners who take the Award for Professional Investigators – this is further proof that licensing will happen with the SIA or Home Office acting as it’s administrative and regulatory authority.

You will know that the Home Affairs Select Committee which has studied the issues in depth have said that Licensing of Private Investigators should go ahead in the near future and that as part of the process there will be a need to prove “Competency”.

I have tutored many existing and many aspiring investigators over the past 3 years and I recommend the EDI L3 Award in Professional Investigations to you as I know it provides that all important code of conduct and gives you the moral, legal and ethical blueprint that you will need to operate successfully in today’s world.

At the moment, the legislation has not been enabled so, please remember, the course we offer is just an interesting and useful course that gives you a good introduction to Private Investigator world and that it might at some point in the very near future be the criteria to prove you can receive your private investigator badge.

If you have any questions please post them on here and I or one of our trainers will get you the answers.



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