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Now Enrolling, Private Investigators : 5 day Classroom training

Whilst home study is a convenient way of skilling up to Security Industry Authority Private Investigator standards a combination of distance learning and practical experience is the preferred option. Join one of the Association of British Investigators 5-day training groups.

Your studies will begin as soon as you enrol. Get busy with the Association of British Investigators Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators from IQ (European Qualification Framework Level 4) – learn about the:

Principals of Planning and Reporting Investigations:

Engaging with clients and assessing the proposed assignment is a time when you decide on the objectives and feasibility of the operation and work out the cost and duration. You move into the planning phase and consider all parameters. The Data Protection Act, Human Rights, Regulations of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), Police and Criminal Evidence Act and the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act? might be relevant. Avoid headaches by dealing with any Conflicts of interest that might arise. Your report in an agreed format will be at the end of the investigation cycle. Recommend further investigations when qualified to do so.

Principles of Gathering and Using Information for Investigations:

Analysis and review of information or evidence will supply hypothesis – building and corroborating – to carry out your investigation. Gather evidence and information; identify, preserve and collect evidence. Interview people to gather information, interview witnesses, interview suspects, conduct surveillance as authorised. Learn about best practice and understand all the methods and approaches that the modern Private Investigator needs to succeed. An understanding of health and safety is covered.






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