Private Investigations

Competency to practice

Remember that education and training is the key to success in almost every profession and the Private Investigator is no exception. Being successful is being smart. Keeping successful is staying smart…

The PI Industry is evolving and changing in a number of positive ways – the traditional skills of the private investigator such as conducting surveillance, serving legal documents or completing a statement remain constant but newer challenges are emerging such as forensic Science. it is conceivable that with Private investigator licences, in time there could be opportunities to even conduct some low level police type investigation. certainly this will possible, if / when licencing is introduced.

The need for regulation and professionalisation of the UK’s private detectives and investigators has been a, “Ball that has been kicked around many times”. Private Detectives throughout the UK have for decades been envious of fellow professionals in Europe and throughout the world who have the benefit of a licenced and regulated profession.

To continue the “Metaphor”, the “Goal”, of compulsory licenses for the UK’s Private Investigators is very near – we all await the anticipated announcement that the UK’s Private Investigators will be licensed subject to proving their competency to practice.

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