Process Server

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The Process Serving, Private Investigators
A lot of people may be unaware that the personal service or delivery of claim forms, statutory demands, bankruptcy petitions, divorce papers and the like [...]
Now Enrolling, Private Investigators : 5 day Classroom training
Whilst home study is a convenient way of skilling up to Security Industry Authority Private Investigator standards a combination of distance learning and [...]
Data Protection Act – making you application for information
The Information Commissioners Office (Good Practice Notes): “When can I disclose information to a private investigator”, advised that, “Private [...]
Notary Public
January brought a flurry of serves. Getting close to 35 personal serves a week. New Zealand, Australia and American Legal Services always favour the Swear [...]
Directory of Professional Investigators
Professional Private Investigators is a free to use directory of investigators and process servers that is expanding at an exponential rate.   The [...]
Burton Regan Professional Investigators
Professional Investigators and enquiry agents with full expertise and decades of experience, professional excellence and a first class reputation with the [...]