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Take the R-ISC
R–ISC enjoys a reputation as a quality provider of investigative solutions to insurers, Government departments, the corporate sector and the legal [...]
Burton Regan Professional Investigators
Professional Investigators and enquiry agents with full expertise and decades of experience, professional excellence and a first class reputation with the [...]
The term: SOCMINT refers to “Social Media Intelligence”. It’s basically a description termed by a government think tank to differentiate [...]
The Investigatory Process
The draft British Standard for the Provision of Investigative Services (BS 102000) will give professional investigators in the private sector a redefined [...]
Private Intelligence Agency
International private intelligence investigators operate to break fraud and theft operations and other civil crime menaces by conducting surveillance, [...]
Cyber stalking and harassment enquiries
Communication is often taken for granted. We are provided with more and more devices to enable dialogue, messages, ideas and information to pass between [...]